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An eminently recognized business entity, which serves its customers Plywood, Laminates, Veneer and a lot more...

About Us

The name, Saraswati Briqueded Ind., is a well acclaimed business firm of the markets of India. We are recognized for our specialization in serving customers a wide range of plywood, which includes, Commercial Plywood, MR Grade Plywood, Water Proof Plywood, Pre Laminated Plywood, and much more. Our range is not only limited to plywood, as from our portfolio of offering, customers also attain Veneer And Laminates of most spectacular quality. We are considered as one of the most trustworthy manufacturer of this industry, as we promise to fulfill the respective needs of our customers without compromising with the quality of products. We are willing to expand reach to more and more customers so that we can enter in newer markets and further add the names of those clients to our customer base. We are a distinct name of this market, and are highly reliable in the eyes of the customers, as it is our company, which remains true to its commitments of providing most impeccable quality products at nominal prices.

Customer Satisfaction

The main reason behind such success of our company remains in the hands of our customers. It is the support of these clients, which makes us win the objectives. The satisfaction of client is the mission of our company, which will lead us towards winning the goal of having a customer base across the globe. We know that being good to every client is what reflects directly to the reputation of our company. We cherish satisfaction of each customer and seek to earn it on the basis of below listed parameters:-
  • By presenting them a wide variety of product to choose from.
  • By executing our business dealings with utmost transparency.
  • By promptly executing our delivery tasks.

A Team Worthy of Praise

Each personnel who we have appointed in our facility works with utmost sincerity and well understands the importance of their responsibilities. They values the perfection in their work, owing to which they operate in a flawless manner with utmost dedication. Our employees never leave focus, when it comes to attaining the objectives, and makes sure to win the targets prior to the deadlines so that they can request for more work. Such a commendable behavior of our employees is what makes us a highly enthusiastic company, which can proudly welcome any challenge and further acclaim its objectives by over coming the obstacles.